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Goleta Ford Repair


At this point in time, we are proud to welcome you to Eric Krebs Automotive, which is the home of quality Goleta Ford repair and services.


We’re proud to offer Ford repair services to any year model of Ford vehicle that you can possibly think of. Below, we will list some of the Ford vehicles that are common visitors at our service center:


• Fiesta

• Focus

• Escort

• Thunderbird

• Mustang

• Taurus

• F-150

• F-250

• F-350

• Fusion

• Explorer

• Edge


As you can see, our ASE certified technicians are very familiar with any model Ford has put out, whether it be an old model or a new model. Either way, we can guarantee you that our mechanics are going to be able to provide you with nothing but the highest of quality of repair services when you come to our service center. If you don’t believe us, you will be happy to know that we offer a warranty for all the repairs and maintenance services that we provide you with.


At Eric Krebs Automotive, we know that providing you with excellent Ford repair is extremely important, because your vehicle is very important to you and your life. If you need repairs, you can come to us and we will provide you with quality service that will enable your vehicle to get you from A to Z and you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that your vehicle has been services by certified mechanics that guarantee their work.