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You wouldn't go to the dentist for heart surgery. You probably wouldn't ask for sushi at a pizzeria. Similarly, going to a generalist technician or an auto-mechanic without a specialty can be just as problematic. Fortunately, if you're a resident of Goleta and you're looking for specialist Chevrolet repairs, Eric Krebs Automotive is the place to go.

All auto-mechanic shops are not the same; what makes ours different is the people. We employ highly specialized professionals, with years of experience and a groomed pedigree of customer service. They know Goleta Chevrolet repairs, how to service any make and model. And equally important, they know how to treat our customers. Respect and personalized attention is the name of the game, and we play it well.


When it's time for you to bring in your car next, don't just settle for the closest mechanic, the cheapest price, or the comfort of the familiar. Search for an auto-body shop that can offer all of these, without ever sacrificing the quality of repairs or the integrity of the professionals. Visit us for routine maintenance, periodic service, or specialized repairs. Get the most out of your car, make sure it runs properly, is cared for correctly and serviced passionately. Make the right choice, select a specialized technician and choose Eric Krebs Automotive. If you do, you can expect your car to last. We can help with that.