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5 star rating
Kmc from Goleta, CA on 4/5/2018 and their testimonial is:
"Taking your car to Eric Krebs is the best...great service and honest mechanics!"
5 star rating
Robert W. from Goleta, CA on 2/16/2018 and their testimonial is:
"WARNING: “Casey’s [Cutthroat!] Garage” charged us $82.00 to fail Casey’s smog test. Casey then “personally” told us he wanted an additional/immediate $108.00 in ca$h for a diagnostic; to see what it would take for us to pass Casey’s smog test. Adding that: “If the plug wires & distributor cap needed replacement, it could cost us “A GRAND.” Not: “It might cost us several hundred dollars.” Casey’s exact words were: “It might cost you A GRAND!” [Seriously!] Managing to exit Casey’s Automotive, with all of our hands, feet, and most of the contents of our wallet intact; we sought a second opinion from Kris Nicastro @ Eric Krebs Automotive, where we passed our smog test [the following morning] at a total cost of $75.00: “No-Up$!” “No-Extra$!” Truly Great Folks! Stand-Up/Honest\Quality/Professional Service.  Elizabeth & Robert. For the record: We have subsequently written to the Bureau Of Automotive Repairs, including related documentation, regarding the: “Somewhat less than ethical business practices,” we personally experienced at “CASEY’S GARAGE • DISCOUNT SMOG CENTER” • 6398 Hollister Avenue • Goleta, CA.  93117 .”] ~Amen."
5 star rating
Lynne L. from Goleta, CA on 2/12/2018 and their testimonial is:
"I would take my car here again. They are very honest!"